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IAGIAG Next IAG event - Saturday, 13 August
The walk at Feizor, planned for July, has been rearranged for Saturday, 13 August. See full details of the walk here. As before, Yvonne asks that you contact her directly if you would like to join the walk and indicate if you would like to stay for the refreshments at the end.

Many thanks to John Wilson
24 May 2022
John wilson, secretary of the Ewecross Historical Society, led a group of IAG members around High Bentham. He showed how the village had turned into a town, strongly influenced by a small number of affluent families and the introduction of a flax mill, offering large-scale employment - both within the mill and at various workers' cottages. It was an excellent tour, led by a knowledgeable guide.
High bentham

Latest update from the Sleights Cairn survey
16 May 2022
Click here for the latest news and photos from the Sleights Cairn survey blog.

Jorvik Viking Festival
This year's Jorvik Viking Festival takes place from 28th May - 1st June. For details click here

Many thanks to John Zant
25 April 2022
John Zant of Oxford Archaeology North gave the IAG an excellent presentation on an excavation of the Roman vicus outside the fort at Maryport. He showed us how the buildings of the vicus had been laid out, and repeatedly renewed.

John also showed us how graffito found in 2013 might point towards a local warrior deity.

Image copyright John Zant
image copyright John Zant

The Clapdale excavation
A day-to-day record of the Clapdale excavation is available here

Day 1: Set-up, mark-up and deturf

Day 2: Small horses or big boots?

Day 3: Misty and  damp

Day 4: A beautiful, tiny arrowhead

Day 5: A busy finish

Updates from the Sleights Cairn blog
More news from Yvonne Luke's Sleights Cairn Blog - click here.
Cairn Survey blog

Reports addded to 'Publications'
Please see two new reports from David Johnson on the 'Publications' page: 'The Sow Kiln Project, an Excavation of Clamp Kilns in the Yorkshire Dales - a report on the excavation of early modern lime kilns' and 'Stone settings: an investigation into enigmatic vertically-set slabs on limestone pavements around Ingleborough and in the Westmorland Dales'.

Thanks to Dan Elsworth
21 March 2022
A big thank you to Dan Elsworth who presented 'Bronze Age burials in limestone country, Allithwaite, Cumbria'.

Dan showed how 'rescue archaeology' - survey or excavation carried out in advance of a construction project - can sometimes hit lucky (for the archaeologist, not necessarily for the developer). He showed us the discovery of a Bronze Age cremation cemetery, with some remains held inside burial pots and some without such protection. Some pots had been partly destroyed by modern farming, but, fortunately, some remained intact. Oddly, some were placed upside-down - noone appears to know why this is the case.

A most enjoyable evening with a knowledgable speaker.
burial pots

Lancaster University - Annual Archaeology Forum
  • Booking now open for our rescheduled Study Event with Dr Alan Crosby
  • Last call for bookings for our 49th Annual Archaeology Forum - plus your chance to submit ideas for the 50th anniversary AF programme
  • Our rescheduled excursion to Roman Vindolanda still has a few places, so book now
  • The Elizabeth Roberts Working Class Oral History Archive gets a fan letter from an appreciative researcher
  • A classic volume of local history gets a re-print - the Economic History of Rossendale by G.H. Tupling is once again available
  • A new podcast series on Ethel Carnie Holdsworth, the ground breaking author featured in the RHC publication Breaking the Bonds of Capitalism: the political vision of a Lancashire mill girl

Click here for details

Thanks to Dr David Johnson
21 February 2022
A round of applause for David Johnson: not only did he brave the storms to present in person to the Group, but he also gave IAG's first 'hybrid' presentation - a combination of face-to-face delivery at Settle Victoria Hall with a simultaneous Zoom broadcast.

On 21 February 2022, David Johnson gave a talk on 'Selside to the Hill Inn via Ribblehead: results of an archaeological survey in 2021'. Whilst most of us were getting our food from Morrison or Tesco delivery vans, watching day-time TV, or working from home, David was out on the Eastern flanks of Ingleborough surveying the archaeological evidence and comparing it with evidence recorded in print. This fascinating survey found new sites of interest which David showed us through aerial photography, LIDAR images and photos he had taken. At least one of the new sites he has discovered will form part of an IAG excavation in future..

Thanks to Professor Peter Rowley-Conwy
17 January 2022
Our thanks go to Prof. Peter Rowley-Conwy, who provided the IAG with an excellent presentation on: 'Britain’s First Farmers: How Primitive Were They?'

Peter showed 
how the traditional view of Britain's first farmers had changed in the light of recent discoveries. Rather than 'primitive', the farmers have been shown to practice quite complex animal husbandry. They also lived on cultivated foodstuffs rather than wild varieties. Peter also showed how  the scope of archaeology is being widened through the use of modern technology.

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