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Clapdale excavation - day 5

"A busy finish"
Friday, 15 April 2022
A very good last day, though very demanding with three trenches to complete excavating, photographing and planning as well as clearing the site. So today:

1. Three teams, two finishing excavation trenches 4 & 5 and one opening and excavating trench 6.

2. Trench 6 was at the southern end of the structure and was cut across the wall to reveal both sides

3. Both trenches 5 & 6 were excavated to establish what seems to be the floor of the structure.

4. As well as directing the site David spent much of his time planning the three open trenches.

5. Serious hard graft at the end back filling the three trenches and packing the kit.

IAG would like to thank: the Ingleborough Estate; the family who farm the field in which we excavated and who transported our trailer and helped with various forms; the family who run Ingleborourgh Cave for granting vehicle access to and from the site each day; all those members who worked so hard to complete the excavation; David Johnson for writing the project brief, directing the excavation and generally keeping good order.

Bob Moore

Clapdale Clapdale

Clapdale excavation - day 4

"Neolithic or medieval?"
Thursday, 14 April 2022
What an amazing day with a find of the week by Geraldine, a flint arrowhead. Not what was expected in an early medieval site, but no doubt, David will put that in context. So Thursday:

1. Further excavation by most of the team in trench 4 where Geraldine found the arrowhead
2. Trench 5 was excavated for much of the day to investigate a small area within the main structure
3. Trench 6 across part of the south wall was marked and part re-turfed
4. John Cuthber and John Asher used the Total Station to survey the whole site
5. David marked out with flags the line of a stone cored bank running across the field to the east of the structure. This was also surveyed with the TS.
6. David began drawing trench 4

Friday will be a busy day with excavations to complete in trenches 4 and 5 followed by drawing. Trench 6 will need opening and excavation.

Thanks again, team.

Bob Moore
Clapdale Clapdale
Clapdale Clapdale

Clapdale excavation - day 3

"Misty and damp"
Wednesday, 13 April 2022
Despite the conditions on site, Wednesday proved another productive day. We were also able to welcome a new IAG member on his first excavation. Many thanks to today's members. Key actions today included:

1. Mike and Claire Claire completed trench 3, photographed it and back filled it.
2. After a quick clean, trench 4 was photographed.
3. Most of the rest of the day was spent excavating trench 4. This is 4m x 4m and covers what seems a part of the main structure at the north end.
4. A sample was taken of what is thought to be carbon from one corner of trench 4.
5. David marked out trench 5 which is in the centre of the main part of the structure. This is a small 1m x 1m trench.

 So, Thursday will include more work on trench 4, starting trench 5 and a TS survey of the site.

Bob Moore

Clapdale excavation
Clapdale excavation Clapdale excavation
Clapdale excavation Clapdale excavation

Clapdale excavation - day 2
"Small horses or big boots?"

Monday, 11 April 2022
Day 2 proved a productive day again with the weather staying dry, though colder and windier than Friday. Progress:

1. Excavation of trenches 1 & 2 which were de-turfed on Friday. These were over hot spots from the geophysics. Trench 1 gave a nail whilst in trench 2 Geraldine uncovered a horseshoe shaped iron which was a plate for the heel of a boot.
2. Both these trenches were backfilled by lunchtime as there seemed no more evidence in the topsoil
3. In trench 3 Mike and Claire found some charcoal and burned stone.
4. Soil structure and colour were recorded in each trench.
5. Trench 4 some 4m x 4m was de-turfed and cleaned. This is the first trench actually crossing the structure wall.

With Tuesday called off due to rain, lots to enjoy from Wednesday onwards with excavation of trench 4 and a further trench to be opened.

Bob Moore
Clapdale excavation
Clapdale excavation Clapdale excavation
Clapdale excavation Clapdale excavation
Clapdale excavation Clapdale excavation
Clapdale excavation
Clapdale excavation

Clapdale excavation - day 1
"An excellent first day at Clapdale"

Friday, 8 April 2022
The weather was kind to us for the whole session. We:

1. Set up the tent and sorted the equipment.
2. David marked the outline of the main structure with flags so that a group was able carry out tape and offset recording.

3. Based on earlier geophysics, three trenches were marked out and two of them were de-turfed ready for excavation next week.

4. Two groups of walkers were given a guided tour of the site.

Bob Moore

Clapdale - day 1
Clapdale - day 1
Clapdale - day 1 Clapdale - day 1

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