Upper Pasture

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Day 8: Sunday 22nd May 2011

A small cohort went on site today intending to spend a half day finishing off the west extension to Trench 1 to find the SW wall corner. A large chert core was found in the wall tumble but the day ended at 10.45 when yet again we were beaten by the horrendous weather....... including a hailstorm!

So a good opportunity to summarise our findings so far:

Trench 1

Trench 1 was initially placed to hopefully expose the SE corner of the structure, both the internal and external wall faces and the internal floor level. We have subsequently added 2 extensions - the first to the N to expose more of the wall and the second to the W to try and expose the SW cornerand more of the floor area to the full width of the structure.

After removing much tumble we appear to have established both the internal wall line and the SE internal corner but we have not found any clear external wall line. We have also exposed what appears to be a clay floor.

The line of large stone flags running from l to r forming the inner edge of the wall. The stones to the left of the ranging pole are wall tumble inside the structure

The exposed SE inner corner is to the right of the ranging pole. This photo also shows the external stones to the left of the ranging pole. A possible entrance is in the middle foreground.

Section onto the clay floor in Trench 1

In Trench 1 we have found many pieces of worked chert - both in the tumble, just above the clay floor and within the clay itself. We have also found eight pieces of charcoal impressed into the clay floor - two of which will be sent away for dating.

We are still working in the second extension to Trench 1 to expose the SW corner and more internal floor surface.

Trench 2

We sited Trench 2 across the visible upstanding wall to hopefully expose the NW corner of the structure, the internal and external wall faces and the inner floor surface. It was subsequently extended across the whole width of the structure to try and expose the NE corner.

After removing much tumble we have exposed the internal NW corner and the internal line of the wall but again there does not appear to be a distinct external wall line. The floor in this trench is bedrock with clay infill.

Unfortunately in the past this end of the structure has been used for burying dead sheep and lambs and it is much disturbed. For this reason identification of the internal NE corner is more problematic.

Only a small number of pieces of chert have been found in Trench 2

Trench 2 showing the NW internal corner and the wall built onto the bedrock floor

Monday (23rd) has been cancelled due to the bad weather forecast so we hope to resume hostilities again on Tuesday. More excavation is required to fully identify the SW corner and the W wall before getting ready for a final clean and photoshoot - and we musn't forget the planning and backfilling.........

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