Upper Pasture

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Day 5: Wednesday 18th May 2011

At last - a full day and no rain! But plenty of water about so to let both trenches dry out we started the day by doing a couple of related tasks:

We measured and photographed an unusual stone feature approximately 200m to the NE of our trenches. It looks like a well built although partially collapsed wall except that it is very wide at one end and is almost triangular in shape.

We also took some soil samples at measured depths along a 50m transect across the wet area adjacent to our structure for environmental analysis

It was then back to the trenches! After a photoclean we marked out extensions to both trenches and guess what - more deturfing

and more trowelling!

There is much speculation about the layout and structure of the building. Maybe tomorrow will bring some answers..........

We are still baffled by the quantity of worked chert that we are finding - one suggestion is that if the building had had a turfed roof then the chert could have been in the turves and it would have fallen to the floor as the roof decayed. The building could have had a number of new roofs in its lifetime.

By the end of the day the spoilheap had grown new lifeforms.....


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