Upper Pasture

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Day 4: Tuesday 17th May 2011

So much for the better weather! Determined not to be beaten we started the day as we meant to go on - mopping up......

Fortunately the team are a happy lot

but it does require great concentration

We all cheered up when the Pole Dancers arrived:

but the mist just kept on getting thicker

So we washed up and went home!

But what about the archaeology? Well its all very interesting......

We appear to have found the line of the internal wall in both trenches but the current lack of a distinct external wall line throws up the possibility that it may have been a single skinned wall with large stones thrown up at an angle on the outside to help support it. At this stage the floor would appear to be a combination of natural limestone bedrock - possibly packed with clay - and small limestone flags.

The building also appears to narrow along it's length - possibly towards an apsidal end.

Most strange of all is that we have found over 10 pieces of chert - most of them worked - and one small piece of worked flint, all within the building. Probably we have the first Mesolithic stone building in the world.............

Tomorrow we hope to extend both trenches to help in our interpretation of the site.

A piece of worked chert and the worked flint

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