Upper Pasture

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Day 3: Monday 16th May 2011

After getting wet and cold yesterday and with the weather forecast being no better for today we reluctantly decided to postpone the dig for 24hours and give today a miss.

So an opportunity to give a very brief description of what and why we are digging!

The site is in Upper Pasture between Selside and Horton in Ribblesdale. It is a rectangular structure showing as grass covered wall lines except at its northern gable where a crudely-coursed dry stone wall stands to a maximum internal height of 0.7m

Internally the structure measures approximately 1.8m x 5.8m although measurements are diificult as there has obviously been a lot of tumble and spread from the walls.

Close by this site are a number of multi-period features including a probable IronAge/Romano-British Settlement and field systems, prehistoric enclosures, medieval walls and various undated enclosures and field systems.

The size,shape and situation of the structure under investigation suggest that it may be an early medieval shieling.

It is hoped that through excavation we will be able to determine how the structure was built and how it would have looked, its purpose and possibly its date.

There are also other associated activities within the project including a detailed topographical survey of the surrounding area and possibly taking environmental samples from a nearby shallow peaty basin to try and reconstruct past environments.

Let's hope for better weather tomorrow!

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