The Scales Moor Survey

In 2012 the Group’s report ‘A survey of the north-west flanks of Ingleborough 2007 – 2011’ edited by Yvonne Luke was published. Yvonne explained how landscape archaeology surveying had become an integral part of the Group’s activities and promised that our researches would continue across the valley from the Ingleborough massif onto Scales Moor and that in due course a further survey report would be published.

A team of volunteer members was formed and throughout 2011 they completed a walk-over survey of Scales Moor identifying sites of potential interest. The survey area stretched from Twisleton Scar End to Ellerbeck Gill with the wall dividing the parishes of Ingleton and Thornton as the boundary to the NW. The survey was restricted to the area of Open Access, which meant that the lower slopes towards the valley bottom were excluded.

GPS co-ordinates were entered onto a spreadsheet and these formed the basis for the second level of survey. Small independent teams now undertook responsibility for different categories: cairns, enclosures, mining activity, walls, banks and tracks etc.

As each area of research is completed the spreadsheets and photographs will be placed on the Group web site and as the project nears completion they will be assimilated into a record for Scales Moor similar to that completed for the Ingleborough Terraces.

The following reports and spreadsheets are currently available and may be viewed by clicking on the links below. Photos of the cairns, enclosures, field sports features and water features are linked from the spreadsheets.

Water Features: ReportSpreadsheet
Field Sports:ReportSpreadsheet
Walls Report to follow Spreadsheet
Trackways Spreadsheet



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