Practical Activities

The following is our 2014 list of Practical Activities. Members are asked to indicate which of these activities they may wish to be involved with.
Preferences and queries to the committee via

1. Documentary Research Group - transcribing wills and inventories from 1700-1750. Work on this will start in the autumn.
2. Scales Moor Project - year 4 of recording archaeological features on the moor, this year concentrating on detailed planning and scale-drawing of specific stock management features, incorporating the Animal Husbandry Project. Also, detailed recording of walls in the same features. Training will be given, as needed.
3. October Workshop - to be arranged, but possibilities include an inhouse follow-up to the Google Earth day, or training in drawing artefacts. Or, do you have any suggestions? Let us know.
4. High Stones, Borrins, Selside - total station mapping of an earthwork complex, carried over from 2013. It will include training. It will happen in 2014!
5. Excavation of an early medieval farmstead or monastic vaccary at Selside. 26 May - 7 June. Geophysical and topographical surveying will take place prior to the actual dig. Click here for details
6. A link up with the YDNPA and Giggleswick School to investigate possible World War I training trenches near Giggleswick Quarry, by surveying and excavation. 18 - 23 June. Funded by the YDNPA. (Please note change of date)
7.Possible link with the YDNPA and Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Railway as part of the 25th anniversary of the start of restoration work on Ribblehead Viaduct.
8. Excavation of probable early medieval farmstead in Crummack Dale, 18 - 24 July. This excavation is a continuation of our 2013 project.

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