Ingleborough in winter Bellarmine
Archaeology walks on Ingleborough
Phone apps and printed versions now available
The IAG, in conjunction with Natural England, have devised three archaeological walks within the Natural England land on Ingleborough.

These walks have been funded through Stories in Stone, an ambitious four-year programme of conservation and community projects concentrated on the Ingleborough area developed by the Ingleborough Dales Landscape Partnership. The scheme is led by Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

11 September 2017

Phone apps
Download the app for your phone through Google Play if you have an Android smart phone, or through the App Store if you have an iPhone. Once in your respective store, search for Ingleborough Archaeology Walks.

The app will give you a live map of your walk (it uses the location of your phone to show where you are on the map). Instructions appear on your phone telling you how to navigate the three walks and Information pops up on your phone when you walk near an archaeological feature.
Android app

Printed versions
Notes on printing the leaflets

These three leaflets have been prepared so they can be printed back-to-back. If you have a printer that will do this automatically, simply print them out.

If you have a printer that will only print one side at a time:
  1. first print the odd numbered pages
  2. take the printed sheets and feed them back into your printer
  3. print the even numbered pages on the backs of the printed pages

Walk 1
Click here for Ribblehead to Selside
8km (5 miles)
Walk 1

Walk 2
Click here for South House, Sulber and Upper Pasture
7km (4.5 miles)
Walk 2

Walk 3
Click here for Ribblehead, Great Douk and Southerscales
9km (5.5 miles)
Walk 3