A Survey of the north-west flanks of Ingleborough 2007-2011

Please note: All of the following reports and plans plus the spreadsheet are available as a printed publication (revised 2014)- price 10.00 + 2.50 postage.
ingleborougharchaeologygroup@gmail.com for details

Between 2007 and 2011 members of the Ingleborough Archaeology Group undertook a survey of the archaeological features on the north-west flanks of Ingleborough.

All of the recorded features have been entered onto a spreadsheet and a number of plans have been drawn.

Please note that throughout the spreadsheet no distinction is made between 'sandstone' and 'gritstone'. In all cases the generic term 'sandstone ' is used. Also in those areas where sandstone has been worked only a selection of the worked stones have been recorded.

There are links from the spreadsheet to the relevant photos
The spreadsheet was last updated 23/1/12.

Essays covering many different aspects of the survey have been written by members of the group and may be viewed by clicking on the titles below:

Geology and topography: an overview
Keld Bank neolithic long cairns
Cairns and cairnfields
Farming and land management - the prehistoric period
The settlement at High Howeth
Farming and land management - medieval and post-medieval
Turbary ground
Stone working
Mineral working
Spechscaflade and other place-names

These essays were revised and updated in December 2014

Click here to display a map showing the location of all the features. Each type of feature is shown using a different symbol and by clicking on the second icon on the left hand side of the map these different layers can be clicked on and off. Thanks to Jeff Price for his efforts in compiling the map.




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