Ingleborough in Winter Bellermine
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Three archaeological walks designed by IAG with Natural England now available.

Click here for walks and details.

Natural England Walk 1

Next IAG event - Walk, Monday, 15 May (evening)
Led by Colin Newlands and Chris Bonsall
South House, Sulber and Upper Pasture
: an archaeological foray on Ingleborough National Nature Reserve.
Meet at 6pm at Ingleborough Community Centre to share a lift, or 6.20pm at Horton Car Park.
Members 1, non-members 2.
A moderate walk of approximately 7km.
25 April 2017

LIDAR maps of the area
Following the excellent talk by Mike Powell of Altogether Archaeology, here are some web links to LIDAR maps of the Ingleton area:
  1. LIDAR refences from the Althogether Archaeology website (North Pennines):
  2. LIDAR maps from the Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeology Group (including Yorkshire Dales):
  3. LIDAR map of Ingleton (top and east): click here (very large file - 22MB)
25 April 2017

Surveying on Scales Moor
Yvonne Luke led a group of IAG members, plus Helen (an invited expert from Bradford University), on a survey of the burial cairns on ScalesMoor.

One sub-group completed a resistivity survey, one completed a magnetometry survey using a Bartington Gradiometer and one partly completed a measured survey using the Total Station.

Fortunately, we had permission to drive part of the way onto the moor, as carrying the kit all the way from the car park by Chapel-le-Dale Church would have meant we'd be too tired to survey once we got there.
13 April 2017
Scales Moor surveying

Voices from the Past
"Voices from the Past, Inventories and Wills from the Parish of Ingleton 1548 to 1700", is now available to download. The publication was edited by Carol Howard and Sheila Gordon, with the help of a team of transcribers from the IAG. Click here to access the material.
20 February 2017
Voices from the Past

Burton in Lonsdale Churchyard Project
The results of the Burton in Lonsdale Churchyard Project can be seen here. The project involved mapping the 'Very Old and Separate Churchyard': to aid the local Parish Council and to make the information available to genealogists. IAG also took the opportunity of using this project to train members in basic surveying techniques.
12 January 2017
surveying the churchyard

Long Preston Big Dig
The Long Preston Big Dig Project is coming to a close and an exhibition is being arranged for Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March 2017. The event will be held in Long Preston Village Hall, open from 10am to 4pm on both days. More details here.
12 January 2017

New details on the Malham Chapel Dig 2017
One of the items on this year's Practical Activities list is a 'Possible Excavation', some time in July. David Johnson has now revealed that the dig will be in Malham, addressing some of the questions relating to the St Helen's Chapel site. More details here.
6 January 2017
Malham Chapel site

New listings for 2017: Talks and Walks; Special Events; Practical Activities
Use the links to the top-left of this page to access the new details for 2017.
21 December 2016

Visit to Stydd and Ribchester
On 8 September, a small but select band of colleagues visited the Stydd and Ribchester.

At Stydd, John Cuthbert led the group to view the Grade I listed St Saviour's Church, the Grade II listed Almshouse, plus a long distance view of an unusual Roman Catholic 'Barn Church'. The first record of St Saviour's is at 1136, and is reputed to lie above buildings of an earlier date. An excavation by staff and students from Stonyhurst College found the footings of a building with  rounded bays like an apse. Unable to come to any conclusions as to whether it was Roman or an early Christian basilica, they covered it up again. They left some plans which were used in the 1970's by a team led by Ben Edwards, the County Archaeologist. Sadly, the plans were not at all accurate and Ben's team were unable to locate the remains. Those of us who were part of the Chapel Fell excavation will recognise the situation.

Patrick Tostevin (pictured right), the curator of Ribchester Museum, gave an excellent overview of the history of the museum, a explanation of the Roman camp at Ribshester, plus a more detailed look at the excavations of the camp granaries just outside the Museum. He recounted that at one time during the history of the Museum, the trustees had to decide whether to become part of the local authority's museum provision, or to become a stand-alone charitable trust. The status of charitable trust was chosen by a single vote. If the decision had gone the other way, it's possible this excellent little museum would soon be closed, alongside 50% of the local authority's museum provision.

Thanks to Dianne for the pictures.

8 September 2016
Stydd Almshouses
The Almshouses at Stydd

Ribchester Granaries
The granaries of the Roman Camp at Ribchester

Surveying at Scales Moor
Wednesday 31 August 2016
Yvonne Luke led a hardy group of IAG colleagues in further tape and offset surveys of two neolithic burial cairns on Scales Moor.

Poor weather did not deter us, but the loss of car keys at the end of the day did cause one of our party some consternation.
31 August 2016
Scales Moor

Overground Underground – The Festival of the Ingleborough Dales

The Group ran three guided walks this Saturday for visitors to the Overground Underground Festival walk at Gauber - one for the Pendle Heritage Group and two for the general public. The walk visited the 'Viking’ settlement at Gauber, plus a visit to a Bronze Age burial cairn.

Although the settlement is regularly recorded as being of Viking origin, the reason we have put the word 'Viking' in quotes is because there is no scientific evidence for it belonging to that period.

The remains of a building at Gauber may be long and slim, with a low, stone wall, but the only dating evidence (coins found when the site was excavated in the mid 1970s) gave a period before the Vikings appeared in the Dales.

Visitors were also treated to a display of work done and finds recovered by the Group.
13 August 2016
Gauber display


Surveying at Scales Moor
Wednesday 3 August 2016
Yvonne Luke led a select band of IAG colleagues in a tape and offset survey of a proposed neolithic burial cairn on Scales Moor. This is the first round of surveys, with more cairns to measure, and geophysics and Total Station surveys to follow.

This combined investigation should give Yvonne sufficient evidence to decide whether or not a formal excavation is warranted at some stage in the future.
4 August 2016
Scales Moor - August 2016

Hot off the press
Inventories and Wills from the Parish of Ingleton 1700 - 1750
This IAG supplement to the "Voices fom the Past" is now available in pdf and hard copy. Click here for the pdf version or see the Secretary at the next meeting in Ingleton for a personal hard copy (10).
28 July 2016
Inventories and Wills

IAG Exhibition
Catch up on the work of the Group by visiting the IAG Exhibition at the Ingleton Community Centre.
Free entrance to the display of photographs, finds, artefacts and survey work done by the IAG.

Tuesday 19 July to Sunday 31 July
Ingleborough Community Centre
Open 1000 to 1630

Part of the Overground Underground Festival and the CBA Festival of Archaeology

19 July 2016
Overground Underground Festival

Visit to Greenside Mine
A splendid time was had by IAG members visiting Greenside Mine in Glenridding. Warren Allison led a walk around the external remains of the mine, showing how it had developed from the 1820s up until its demise in the 1960s. We were lucky with excellent weather, but the real treat was the knowledge and enthusiasm of the guide.
17 July 2016
Greenside Mine

Visit to Clapham Bottoms
David Johnson led a group of IAG colleagues across Clapham Bottoms. He showed us features - most likely to be medieval - surveyed earlier in 2008 and 2012. More details here.
17 July 2016
Clapham Bottoms

The Chapel Fell excavation finishes
The dig at Chapel Fell finished on Friday 27 May 2016. A great fortnight was had by all participants, and we eagerly await the formal report from Dr David Johnson in due course.

If you're too impatient to wait, the informal diary is available here.
29 May 2016
How many IAG members can you get in one trench?

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