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Health and Safety documents
Listening to a learned speaker is hardly a risky business, but going for a guided walk over the moors, or participating in an excavation has an element of risk. No one wants to be restricted by unneccesary regulations, but we have to put in place sensible rules and guidelines to ensure everyone's safety and good health.

Policy document
IAG Health and Safety Policy H&S Policy
IAG Appendix 1 - guidance for walks
Guidance for walks
IAG Appendix 2 - guidance for fieldwork and excavation Guidance for fieldwork and excavation
IAG Appendix 3 -  safeguarding children and young people Safeguarding
IAG Appendix 4 - record of an accident, and incident, or a near miss Accident, incident or near miss
IAG Appendix 5 - assessing risk Assessing risk
IAG Risk assessment forms for walks Risk assessment - walks
IAG Risk assessment forms for other activities
Risk assessment - activities other than walks
IAG Appendix 6 - reducing the risk of Coronavirus Covid

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