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Chapel Fell Diary
March 2016
April 2016
May 2016 - week 1
May 2016 - week 2

Chapel Fell Diary
an informal view of the IAG excavation
April 2016
More surveying
On the 25th of April, colleagues continued the tape and offset surveying of the site, with the addition of a further Total Station survey.

The features identified and flagged were carefully measured within the grids set out in March. Once measured, drawings onto graph paper were produced, alongside maps created from the Total Station.

Needless to say, the weather at Chapel Fell is 'changeable'. We started in glorious sunshine, and finished in hail.
careful measurement
Total Station overview# our intrepid leader
cool debate the weather starts to change

Surveying round houses
On the 22nd of April, colleagues marked out the visible features within the grids marked out in March. We concentrated on three features which have the appearance of round houses.

Flags were then placed to identify the outer, middle and inner extent of these three. The position of these flags are being measured to produce scale drawings.
identifying features
Now, where did I put that flag?