Upper Pasture
Phase II

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Day 1: Monday 27th June

A good turnout for the start of Phase II of our excavation in Upper Pasture meant that we could open 3 small trenches - 2 as extensions to Trench 1:

Trench 1e is through the NW wall to see how the structure of the wall relates to the bank behind and trench 1f is outside the SE wall to see if we can find any indication of a cobbled entrance. The remedial team were despatched to trench 3:

Trench 3 is located on a feature about 200mts to the SE of our main excavation. It would appear to be a 3 sided structure but by the end of the day the excavation had failed to reveal anything other than ancient walling on top of the limestone pavement - probably a bield:

Meanwhile back at trench 1b the edges were getting a short back and sides ready for a photo:

As yet we have found no evidence of cobbling:

and trench 1a has yet to reveal its secrets:

Maybe tomorrow will bring some answers..........

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