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Burton-in-Lonsdale Churchyard
Surveying training, image enhancing and helping genealogists
This project was carried out during 2016 and finalised in early 2017. Its content concerns the 'Very Old and Separate Churchyard' at All Saints Church, Burton-in-Lonsdale.
Ian Thompson, an IAG member who is also on the Burton-in-Lonsdale Parish Council, proposed a project to map the positions of the graves within the graveyard, along with the details of those buried there. This information would then be offered to genealogists and to the general public.

To accurately map the positions of the graves, a survey was needed. IAG took the opportunity of using the survey of the graveyard as a training project for its members. Jeff Price led a small group of trainees through the process of setting up the Total Station and its associated tools to carry out an accurate survey.
BiL map
All Saints Church has two graveyards. The position of the Church and the graveyard in question is shown below and to the right.

Of the two churchyards associated with All Saints', the one surveyed is the one to the East: 'The Very Old and Separate Churchyard'.

Churchyard location
Churchyard location
Anyone wishing further information should contact Ian Thompson on